Below is a list of basic resources I believe that can be beneficial in aiding the postpartum mother on her journey to recovery. Additionally, all clients have access to my full contact list for local services. Feel free to contact me with any feedback or suggestions that you feel are helpful in the postpartum period.

For a break down of support groups in the Tampa Bay area, click here.

Postpartum Recovery

The Seventh Mom Project is a non profit organization that will provide assistance to mothers and families experiencing pregnancy and postpartum mood disorders while creating awareness and providing support in our community. Peer-to-peer meetings and local events are held often, and there's an online support group for families struggling with maternal mental health.
The International Cesarean Awareness Network, Inc. is a non profit working to improve maternal-child health by preventing unnecessary cesareans through education and provides support for recovering moms. There is a lot of info that ICAN provides for support of vaginal births after cesareans (VBACs).


The Baby Café meetings are a great way for moms to get support support from specifically-trained staff and to share experiences with other moms. Though the Baby Cafés always focus on breastfeeding, other parenting topics often come up. There are currently two weekly meeting locations in the Tampa Bay area.
The La Leche League of Brandon and Tampa hosts breastfeeding support groups throughout the month. These meetings can sometimes be a lifesaver for struggling moms! There are also meetings in Pinellas.
Kellymom offers science-backed information and up-to-date practices for many common (and uncommon) breastfeeding issues. Diagrams and step-by-step photos provide moms with the tools they need to maintain a successful breastfeeding relationship.


Tampa Bay Babywearing is not just an online community, but a valuable local resource for learning the art of keeping baby close. With meetings spread across Tampa Bay, babywearing professionals help parents find the best fit for their family and lifestyle.
Local mom Diana runs Wrap Your Baby. Here you can find wonderful tutorials (both in writing and on screen) for different holds and carriers, as well as news on the newest wraps for purchase.

Food Delivery

Mobile Meals is a delivery service that can bring food from one (or all) of your favorite resturants right to your doorstep. Order online and get it whenever you want! Small delivery fees apply.
Uber Eats is an expansion of Tampa's favortie taxi service. Have anything your heart desires delivered right to your door with a smile from a friendly face. Fees are reasonable, and you can link payments directly to your Paypal for that extra flavor of convinience.
With Shipt you can get fresh grocceries from your favorite stores delivered to your home, essentially cutting out the daunting store trip with full hands. Delivery time can be under an hour, but be prepared for approximatly $5 increased for every $30. Bonus: Shipt honors sales and BOGO prices!
Though not a delivery service technically, Foods R Us is a local traveling resource for delicious home-cooked meals. Show up in your jammies and grab a few plates and stay and chat or scurry on home to dive in! It's always a huge helping for a small price.