About Shary

Before I had my first child I knew nothing about birth and postpartum care. I was given the oportunity to experience a gentle childbirth and became enthralled with mother-baby bonding and natural healing.

After her birth, I worked as a midwife's assistant and a DONA trained doula in Central Florida, often branching off to learn modalities in herbal medicine. I later moved to Pensacola where I first learned placenta encapsulation through self-teaching. I was there briefly, and after moving to the Tampa Bay area I decided to return to college to pursue a degree in education.

It wasn't long before my son was born and his birth renewed my love for birth. While dipping my toes back in, I noticed an extreme lack of community support for postpartum mothers. I have attended a formal placenta refresher course with Barefoot Birth in 2015, and I became a certified postpartum doula through Barefoot Herbals in 2016.

As a newer member of the Tampa Bay birth scene, I offer a wide range of services from placenta encapsulation, tinctures, salves, teas, and even keepsakes to capture important memories. I am happy to mother new moms on their personal journies in the fourth trimester.

Certifications and Trainings

◇ CPR/First Aid (2007, renewed regularly)
◇ DONA Birth Doula Training (November 2009)
◇ Baby's First Massage Instructor Training (July 2010)
◇ Placenta Encapsulation Training (October 2015)
◇ Bloodborne Pathogens Training (March 2016)
◇ Holistic Postpartum Doula Training/Certification (March 2016)

Encapsulation Method

I use the upmost care in providing the encapsulation service for my clients. Before I even open the container that holds your placenta, I sanitize the work area. All utensils are washed with warm soapy water and santized in the same manner. I make sure to always wear gloves while handling your placenta.

I use an anti-microbial cutting boards and stainless steel chef's knife to slice your placenta in small slivers. The placenta slivers are then placed on parchment paper in the dehydrator. Utensils are clean and sanitized and put away.

Your placenta is dried using the safest, lowest setting. This is called the "raw method" of encapsulation. Nothing is added for your safety and the integrity of the placenta is intact. The dehydration process takes at least 24 hours, but the time may vary depending on the size of your placenta.

Once your placenta has dried thouroughly, it is broken into smaller pieces and then ground into a medium-fine powder using a coffee grinder. I then place the finished powder into a ziplock bag. The dehydrator and coffee grinder are then taken apart and cleaned with warm, soapy water and sanitized using bleach for the next use.

Wearing gloves, I hand encapsulate your placenta powder. I use 00 sized capsules as a personal preferenece, but other options are available. The finished capsules are placed in a glass jar and delivered at the earliest convenience.

Please note that meconium staining will require a longer processing time.

You may submit any questions or concerns through my contact page here.